HTC’s Already Bizarre One A9 Launch Has Been Delayed, Verizon Model Pushed To 2016

The rollout of HTC's latest smartphone, One A9, has been quite interesting to say the least. When it was first announced, it was impossible to look at it and not think that its design was inspired by Apple's iPhone, something a company exec vehemently denied.

But then HTC pulled the odd move of announcing that the phone would become $100 more expensive ($499) after November 7th. At the promotional price of $399, the A9 isn't priced unfairly, but it's not exactly priced in such a way that it'd have a great pull on those mulling their next phone purchase. The market is getting more competitive than ever, and so it makes the challenge these phones at this price range have all the more difficult.

HTC One A9

As if this launch had to get even worse, it has. Now, customers who've pre-ordered the phone have been receiving an email from HTC which says that the phones will not be shipping out until the 10th at the earliest. And that's just the start of things.

Those hoping to use their A9 on Verizon are in for a surprise, as HTC can't confirm when that compatibility will come, leading many to believe that it won't happen at all. If and when it does, it won't land until the new year. In addition to that, the red and gold variants of the phone are going to be delayed until later this month.

If there's any consolation at all, it's that HTC is offering customers a 25% discount on accessories for the inconvenience. Yay?