HTC One A9’s $399 Price Skyrockets To $499 November 7th

Last week, HTC unveiled its latest smartphone, One A9, to a decent amount of fanfare. Rather than stand on its own, though, the buzz around the Internet was that the phone was a rip-off of Apple's iPhone. HTC didn't take too kindly to this criticism, and commented a couple of days later that it's in fact Apple that ripped off its own One M7, released back in 2013.

Wherever the truth lays in that, it doesn't much matter, because the One A9 is a great-looking phone, period. Part of that owes thanks to the great color selection, which includes Deep Garnet, Carbon Gray, Opal Silver, and Topaz Gold.

HTC One A9

Priced at $399, the One A9 isn't the most competitive phone out there. In fact, some aspects of the phone might make that seem too high, such as its modest 2,150mAh battery, 32GB of storage, and mainstream Snapdragon 617 SoC, clocked at 1.5GHz. Compare that to the $300 ASUS ZenFone 2, which includes a 2.3GHz Intel SoC and 64GB of storage, or the $389 OnePlus 2, which sports a 1.77GHz Snapdragon 810 and 64GB of storage.

Well, if the value proposition of the One A9 seemed a bit skewed to begin with, it's really going to stand out when the price goes up to $499 on November 7th. Perhaps HTC knows something we don't, and once the reviews hit the Web (we have one in the works - stay tuned), we'll understand HTC's choice of pricing a bit better.

The ultimate takeaway here is: if you happen to want HTC's One A9, don't delay in purchasing it. A $100 increase isn't exactly paltry.