HP Ignoring Wi-Fi Probs in Pavilion Notebooks?

It appears there are a number of threads at HP's support forums.  These forums posts first started in June 2007, and there is no official HP solution yet.  In fact, customers are helping themselves, or at least trying, but there appears to be little or no HP response on the forums.

Tipped off by a reader, David Berlind investigates what appears to be a serious problem with the Wi-Fi feature on some Pavilion notebooks.

Despite many customer complaints listed on HP's website over a period of nearly five months, there's been little response from HP. Instead, customers have banded together on the forum to figure out remedies for the problems.

Disappointingly, some have had to go to the step of having a motherboard replacement.  Berlind has emailed HP, but has not received a response yet.  We hope that more publicity will force HP to come to the aid of their customers, as it appears the problems are not limited to the 6000 series; they have also begun appearing on the 9000 series.  In this day of laptops gaining more and more market share, you certainly don't want a laptop that needs to be tethered.