How To Score A Wet Suit And Sweet New Mermaid Gear In Animal Crossing New Horizons

shopping for a wet suit in ACNH
Animal Crossing: New Horizons for the Nintendo Switch is the gift that keeps on giving. The latest free content release is the Summer Update that launched on Wednesday, and now you can swim with the fish. But before you dive into the ocean, you've got to be dressed for the occasion. 

Unlike most of the clothing in Animal Crossing New Horizons that comes from the Able Sisters' tailor shop, you'll have to head on over to Nook's Cranny with 3,000 Bells in your pocket to pick up a horizontally-striped wet suit. If you don't mind waiting a day and would rather spend Nook Miles, you can pick up one of several other wet suit styles from the Nook Stop ATM. 

Finding a sea urchin in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Go For A Swim In ACNH

Once you've acquired and put on a wet suit, just jump on in the water from the beach or cannonball from rock formations. Unfortunately you can't jump in the river, though. You can doggie paddle around the ocean, or to swim with a bit more direction press the A button on the Joy-Con and swim out away from the shore to find the mysteries of the deep. 
There's quite a variety of sea critters in the ocean—40 new creatures in all. When you're swimming and see bubbles on the surface, dive in with the Y button and grab the aquatic life with the A button. There's a new section in Animal Crossing: New Horizons' Critterpedia to track all of the new deep sea life, and you can donate them to Blathers at the museum. And if your island is in the Southern Hemisphere, don't worry. You can still swim in the ocean like it's a Polar Bear challenge. 

Lastly, there are new mermaid-themed DIY recipes in the Animal Crossing Summer Update. While you're out swimming in search of new sea life, you might bump into Pascal the Otter, who's hankering for a bite to eat. Trade him certain sea critters, like a scallop, and he'll trade you for one of the following DIY recipes.

pascal giving advice

ACNH Mermaid Furniture

  • Mermaid Bed 
  • Mermaid Chair 
  • Mermaid Closet 
  • Mermaid Dresser 
  • Mermaid Flooring 
  • Mermaid Lamp 
  • Mermaid Rug 
  • Mermaid Screen 
  • Mermaid Shelf 
  • Mermaid Sofa 
  • Mermaid Table 
  • Mermaid Vanity 
  • Mermaid Wall 
  • Mermaid Wall Clock 

ACNH Mermaid Clothing

All of the mermaid clothing is available in two colors:
  • Mermaid Fishy Dress
  • Mermaid Princess Dress
  • Mermaid Shoes 
  • Mermaid Tiara
You'll need shells along with other DIY materials to make your own mermaid lair. Happy 4th, stay safe and enjoy!