How To Play Microsoft Edge’s Secret Surfing Game For Totally Tubular SkiFree Nostalgia

surf edge
Nearly 30 years ago, Microsoft first introduced us to an addictive little game called SkiFree. Available in the Microsoft Entertainment Pack 3 for Windows 3.x, the game had you skiing down a mountain jumping ramps, avoiding downed skiers, steering around (or jumping over) natural obstacles, and trying to avoid a seemingly unstoppable yeti.

Microsoft is allowing a new generation to enjoy some of that same downward-scrolling gameplay with a new surfing game. But to play this new title, you’ll need to first install the new Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser.  One further stipulation is that the game is not available with the stable build of the browser; you have to install the experimental Canary branch.

Once those prerequisites are out of the way, you’ll want to open the latest Canary release for Edge, and type edge://surf/ into the address bar. You’ll then be presented with a character selection screen where you’ll be able to decide pick your surfer and get down to business.

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Like SkiFree that came three decades earlier, you can use the arrow keys on your keyboard to navigate down the screen while obstacles, other surfers, buoys, and ramps are placed within your path. And like the hungry yeti that appeared in SkiFree, the new surfing game has a Kraken that will come after you. There are three game modes included at present: Let’s Surf (continuous play, rack up the highest score possible), Time Trial (that one needs no explanation), and Zig-Zig (you’ll have to traverse through a series of gates).

In addition to keyboard controls, you can also use a mouse touchpad, or even an Xbox One controller. However, we SkiFree fanatics will probably do just fine with the keyboard controls.

This little Easter Egg might not be a AAA gaming title with ray-traced graphics, but it’s an addictive time waster that may prompt someone who otherwise wouldn’t be interested trying out the new Microsoft Edge browser. In that case, we’d consider it “Mission Accomplished” for Microsoft.