HotHardware Invades Chicago's O'Hare Airport!

Maybe we're exaggerating a bit; we didn't exactly invade Chicago's O'Hare International Airport.  But the folks at Intel decide to use a quote from our '06 Holiday Buyer's Guide in an advertisement that ultimately made its way onto a large billboard that's currently on display at O'Hare...

We've all been in this business for many years now and have published thousands of articles between us, but there's just something exciting about seeing your name, or at least in this case our site's name, up in lights.  That said, we would qualify the quote that was used here with a "currently" at the end perhaps.  As with Planes and Trains, with Desktop PC processors, there's always another one coming.

If any of you live in the Chicago area and are going to be passing through O'Hare anytime soon, snap a few more pics and send 'em over.  If you take a pic underneath the ad wearing one of our slick HotHardware T-Shirts, there may even be a surprise in it for you!