HotHardware Hot Threads

Been by the HH PC Hardware Forum lately?  You don't know what you're missing.  There's some top-secret stuff in there that could very well pump up your mojo with the ladies.  Well, ok, so maybe that's a stretch but hey, if you don't get out much like us, you have nothing to lose!

Then of course, check out the deal of the week in our Hot Deals at HH section.  After you score some new gear on the cheap there, stop by the My Rig section for inspiration.  Navysandsquid has a new killer rig built but needs a little help with cable management we think!  Finally, if you need advice for building your own killer rig, stop by the Workshop area for advice.  There are lots of nice folks there to help you out.  Just keep your head down if you're too much of a newb, k?  ;)

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