Hot Deals: Save Big On Gigabyte's RTX And OLED Gaming Laptop, 32-Inch Dell And LG FreeSync Monitors

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One often-posted work-around for enthusiasts' inability to locate new graphics cards is to purchase a pre-built gaming PC or a gaming laptop. In the past, hardcore system-building enthusiasts have sneered at gaming laptops, as their perceived gaming performance value was widely regarded to be inferior for in-place gaming. Given the exorbitant prices placed on performance graphics cards lately, they've become downright desirable.

One perfect example of just such a machine is this Gigabyte Aero 15 OLED YD. Packing a Core i7-11800H CPU, 16GB of memory, and a GeForce RTX 3080 (mobile; 8GB GDDR6), this portable powerhouse should have no problem driving its 4K UHD AMOLED display to playable framerates. It includes Windows 10 Pro, Thunderbolt 4, and the display comes X-Rite-Certified, with per-unit factory calibration. Newegg also has this machine on sale for $2299 right now—already a $700 discount over the MSRP—with an additional $500 mail-in rebate card bringing the final cost to just $1799. This deal expires tonight, so make sure you jump on it if you want one.
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That OLED display on that Aero 15 surely looks scrumptious, but if you want a larger screen for use at home—or if you simply need a new monitor for your current machine—we've got a couple of other deals for you to consider.

Over at Best Buy, you can pick up the Dell S3220DGF gaming monitor for $349.99. That's a 32" curved display in 2560x1440 resolution, with a VA LCD panel for rich contrast and a 165-Hz refresh rate for smooth motion. It has two HDMI 2.0 inputs and a DisplayPort connection, all of which support AMD FreeSync Premium Pro. Reports are that the input lag on this display is very low, so it should be satisfactory for all but the most demanding gamers.
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If you hate curved displays, or if you absolutely have to have a blur-reduction mode, then head on over to Walmart for an LG Ultragear 32GN600-B. It's very similar to the Dell above, being a 31.5" VA LCD-based gaming display in 2560x1440 resolution with a 165 Hz maximum refresh rate. The key differences are that it isn't curved, it supports blur reduction strobing, and that it costs $100 less. This display is a killer deal at $249. We won't put much stock in its claims of HDR support—not with a 350 cd/m² peak brightness—but it should offer excellent SDR gaming performance for the price.
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