This Is What The HoloLens Augmented Reality Start Menu Looks Like

There are some exciting and potentially game changing products and technologies in the pipeline for 2016. Namely, several virtual reality releases and one very interesting augmented reality solution from Microsoft, HoloLens. Microsoft's been a little quiet about HoloLens lately, but thanks to a leaked video, you can catch a glimpse of how HoloLens operates in the real-world.

The demos up to this point have all been from Microsoft and rather commercial in nature. What's shown in the video is different. Instead of trying to sell users on the benefits of HoloLens, It's a tutorial video for the recently leaked Actiongram app, which is used to make movies with holograms in HoloLens.

Actiongram HoloLens

A tutorial video doesn't sound all that exciting, except in this case it's for HoloLens, which we've seen very little of in terms of real world usage. Also, the video shows how to use the HoloLens Start Menu and Apps List, two things we've seen very little of up to this point.

For the most part, the Actiongram tutorial is pretty slick. There's a hiccup with loading the app—it takes a couple of seconds to appear and you have to look around to find it once it does—but other than that, the UI works without any major hitches or lag. It's all very promising, considering Actiongram is a beta app and HoloLens has yet to launch.