Hitachi Deskstar 500GB, NetGear WPN824, Abit AX8 and More!

Hitachi Deskstar 7K500 500GB SATA-II Hard Drive @

"The Hitachi Deskstar 7K500 500GB SATA-II hard drive raises the bar for those who subscribe to the theory that bigger is better. When it comes to hard drives; more speed, more capacity, and more cache memory is always a good thing. This is the first drive to come across our test bench with SATA300 speed, and it provides the largest capacity (500GB) and most cache memory (16MB) that we have seen to date. Browse around... 500GB and 16MB are currently the best you will find in an internal hard drive, in these respective categories."

NetGear WPN824 Wireless Router Review @ Designtechnica:

"For most casual and demanding users, the Netgear RangeMax Wireless Router is an all-around excellent option. The adaptive internal antennas that compensate for interference provide great connectivity with excellent range. The security options are first rate, with dual firewalls, content blocking, and scheduled blocking. The box itself is refreshingly unique, and features a central porthole surrounded by blue LEDs that illuminate as the antennas adjust. This results in a constantly glistening tech gem that will mesmerize your friends for hours."

PCI Express SATA-II/300 RAID Testing @ GamePC Labs:

"We've grabbed Areca's new ARC-1210 controller card, which is the first high-end RAID controller to ship using a PCI Express x8 interface. The card also has a new Intel hardware I/O processor, 128 MB of cache memory, and support for four Serial ATA-II/300 drives. In order to fully make use of the card, we've tested with four of Western Digital's new Caviar SE16 drives with (you guessed it) 16 MB of cache memory. We've tested drives in RAID-0 and RAID-5 configurations against Areca's PCI-X cards to see if the new PCI Express interface really helps performance."

Abit AX8 Review @ AMDZone:

"Abit has done another solid job with the K8T890 chipset in this case.  The AX8 is certainly the top board with the VIA chipset for overclocking, and has a good feature set.  The only question is how many will opt for the VIA based board, and will not rather pick up a nForce 4 solution.  If VIA is your chipset, and overclocking is your game, this the Abit AX8 is your board."

GigaByte 3D Aurora ATX Enclosure @ Club Overclocker:

"GigaByte is set to release their very first PC enclosure, and we've got one here for you to take a sneak peak at. What makes it so special? I'm not about to throw in any spoilers here, but I will say that GigaByte has definitely spent some time finding out what we want. We as in gamers, enthusiast, and users of alternate cooling methods."

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