High-End PSU Shoot-Out: Thermaltake & Tagan

Hello Everyone. Now that the long holiday weekend is behind us, and we've all woken from our involuntary tryptophan naps, we thought it was time to get some fresh content posted! Today at HotHardware, we have an article posted where we evaluate the features and performance of two high-end power supply units, the modular Thermaltake Toughpower 750Q and the beastly 1.1KW Tagan Turbojet TG1100-U95. Here's a snip from the piece:

"Power -- It's one of the most important factors for peak system performance and stability. Yet, the PSU is still an often overlooked PC component. While not as sexy as a high-end motherboard, video card or RAM, the power supplying these components is just as important as the components themselves."
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