High On Life Gamers Discover A Hilarious Glitch That Will Make You Crave Applebee's

high on life hero
Earlier this month, Justin Roiland's Squanch Games released High On Life, a fourth-wall breaking, intentionally over the top, and sometimes even annoying comedy-shooter. You may also recognize some of the voices from Rick & Morty which Roiland is a co-creator of. A good portion of critics bashed the game for just being crude for no reason and even say the gameplay is lackluster at best. Despite critic reviews, the title is the best launching third party title on Xbox Game Pass and player reviews who enjoy the type of comedy in the game are loving it.

High on Life is not without its bugs, though. Several players are reporting an issue that causes them to be forever trapped in "Space Applebee's," a parodic restaurant within the game. The funny and interesting thing about being stuck in Space Applebee's is that, for fans of Roiland's creative efforts of the past and the style of humor seen in High On Life, this bug just seems to fit his brand.
Obviously, though, it is a bug, and numerous people are reporting the issue to Squanch Games' Twitter, Reddit, and even Xbox Support Twitter. Essentially there is a scene in which you are taken into a Space Applebee's which is also an auto-save checkpoint location. Unfortunately, after a reload players are often just teleported back into the Space Applebee's. Other times the triggers to re-open the doors during a regular playthrough seem to not work. In either case, players are getting stuck within this particular locale.

One user on the High On Life subreddit suggested for PC users to download and use the popular memory modifier Cheat Engine, which we previously reported could be used to change Cyberpunk 2077 to a third-person game. Using that tool you can change your player X, Y, Z coordinates to continue on, but this isn't possible for console players. Additionally, if you were not aware, Cheat Engine is specifically labeled to be as obvious as possible. If you end up running it on accident in the background while playing an online competitive game, even if not actively used, some anti-cheat detection systems could potentially ban you. So use that solution at your own risk.

high on life screenshot
Screenshot from Squanch Games' High On Life

Squanch Games has yet to release a patch for this. Right now, the only "tried and true" resolution is for players to start the game completely over. Even then, there is always a chance that the bug will rear its ugly head once again, so maybe it is worth waiting for Squanch Games to issue an update before diving in.