HD DVD Is Leading the Video Format Wars

The HD DVD Promotional Group made a proud announcement today that over half of all next-generation video players sold use HD DVD format, which means that they have a slight advantage over their BD contenders.
“About 60 percent of all movie players use HD DVD, and are selling far more titles than before as well. Over 75,000 of the discs sold in the last week of May -- a record achievement for a still new format.”
These figures come as a result of a recent price decline on the entry-level Toshiba HD-A2 player and other similar players. The group stated that sales doubled for all players when the HD-A2 dropped to $399 in April. However, the group was unclear on whether or not the sales figures take into account Sony’s PS3 or the Xbox 360 (with HD DVD Player attachment). Things are likely to get much more interesting when more popular movie and video game titles get released. As in the past, most consumers often have to sacrifice one franchise for another, unless of course, they have the means to choose both.
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