Havok Speaks On GRAW Physics

FiringSquad has posted some interesting comments from Havok concerning the physics in Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter and how it relates to Ageia's new physics card. Havok does not seem to be pulling any punches as they claim that the use of Ageia's discrete PPU does not offer any significant visual differences and typically offers a few hundred additional particles. They strengthen their grip around the neck of Ageia by claiming that the PPU actually slows down framerates as the CPU/GPU are now burdened with handling the added debris and effects. Rest assured, Hot Hardware will have the exhaustive review of the Ageia PPU in the very near future and Havok's claims regarding GRAW will be put to the test.

AGEIA Novodex is said to be used in the single-player GRAW version for added PPU-accelerated effects - at the most AGEIA appears to be used for particle effects - and in no-way affects game-play outcome. AGEIA is NOT used in any way in any GRAW sku other than the PC.


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