Havok Responds to EPIC Interview

nV News has just received a response from Havok concerning their interview with EPIC's Tim Sweeney at E3 and comments made regarding physics. With a strong physics API which can utilize a GPU for processing, Havok's method allows users to dedicate a portion of their graphics power to physics and eliminates the need for a discrete physics card such as AGEIA's PhysX PPU. What is somewhat surprising in terms of Havok's response is the apparent suggestion that SLI systems can dedicate one GPU strictly to physics, with the remaining card(s) handling graphics. An interesting experiment would be to play with a Quad-SLI system and see how much resources Havok's API could take advantage of.

In our newest product, Havok FX, we've demonstrated that currently available GPU's, priced at under $200 retail today, can accelerate physical phenomenon in very compelling ways (outperforming what has been shown to date from the PPU). For consumers looking to spend additional $'s to accelerate physics in their games, why not spend money to purchase a new GPU for graphics, and relegate last year's model to doing the physics via Havok FX?


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