Hardware sites will suffer from AMD, ATI shock

Your best friend Guttersnipe made some alarming predictions over at the Inquirer yesterday. While we think there's certainly a bit of truth spun in between this vicious thread, we'd suggest you read through this post with more of an entertainment value mind-set.  Sure, logically one would assume there will be a bit of workforce consolidation between the two companies, there's no big surprise there but the Inq boys sure do like to take things over the top.  It's all good... just consider the source.  And NO that's not a dig on our buds at the Inq.  ;)

"What's been very amusing for the last 10 years, however, is how naive and disingenuous hardware sites have been in the face of a phalanx of very highly paid PR professionals. The Big Four chip companies have expended endless shareholder dollars on wooing kids that have started hardware sites about the benefits of technology that in reality may well be dubious benefits indeed."

Dubious indeed!  Heheh... those Inq boys, they're too much!

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