[H]ard|OCP $1000 System Upgrade, NZXT Trinity Mid-Tower Case, and more!

Hey folks, first things first... Rob has taken the Asus Extreme Radeon AX800XL/2DTV, and puts it up against ATI's Radeon X800XL, and MSI's GeForce NX6800GT. And for you overclocking maniacs, Kingston is auctioning off some rare HyperX modules, and they're doing it for a good cause. Enjoy the news, goodnight folks :)

Kingston Auctions Off Rare HyperX for a Good Cause!

Here is your chance to get your hands on discontinued Kingston HyperX DDR400 KHX3200 modules while helping those in need. These 2.6V modules were built with coverted Winbond B die, which is no longer manufactured, and have latency timings of 2-2-2-6-1; they provide impressive headroom for system tweaking.

You can't buy these modules anymore, but we're auctioning four 512-MB kits (KHX3200K/512) and one 1-GB (KHX3200K2/1G) kit. One 512-MB kit will be auctioned each week for the first four weeks, and the 1-GB kit will be auctioned the final week.

All proceeds will be donated to Community Service Programs, Inc. CSP is comprised of six model programs assisting over 80,000 persons a year, including abused children, victims of crime, struggling families, acting out adolescents, and people in need of mediation services.

For more information: Click Here

$1000 Q2-05 System Upgrade Guide @ [H]ard|OCP

"Is your computer's gaming ability not quite what you would like? In this HardOCP System Upgrade guide we take a $1000, spend it at Newegg, and build a SLI ready gaming computer that will make you proud. And give you lots of room to upgrade."

Thermaltake Big Typhoon Universal CPU Heatsink @ LAN Addict | Image

"Yes, it is a big heatsink and requires that you have some room (OK, a lot) around your CPU socket, but the Big Typhoon\'s design keeps it from have any clearance problems with components on the motherboard. Overall, I think Thermaltake did an excellent job with the Big Typhoon!"

NZXT Trinity Mid-Tower Gaming Case @ ExtremeMHz | Image

"When it comes to gaming cases, NZXT has quickly taken the interest of many in the gaming community thanks to their highly unique product line. Their cases certainly do stand out from a majority. This was apparent with their highly popular Guardian and Nemesis cases, which we had the pleasure of looking at in the past. Their latest offering though is the first in what they call their classic series and they use just two words to describe it..."Just Sexy"."