Hannah Montana Fans Rejoice: Software Banned

Despite the fact Hannah Montana isn't a real person, her tickets are hot, hot, hot.  Hot enough to even be mentioned on TV shows like Without a Trace, and hot enough to sell out, with some programmatic assistance.

Amid an uproar over the huge demand for seats to pop idol Hannah Montana’s tour, a U.S. federal judge on Monday barred the use of automated software to make mass ticket purchases from the leading box-office service Ticketmaster.

U.S. District Court Judge Audrey Collins issued a preliminary injunction against Pittsburgh-based software maker RMG Technologies, whose computer programs, Ticketmaster says, have enabled scalpers to gain rapid, repeated access to its online retail system.

Scalpers' prices for tickets to Hannah Montana have reached as high as $3000.  With this ban in place, maybe real people will have a chance to buy some tickets.  On the other hand, with prices like those, Miley, oh Miley, stop hiding behind that blonde wig, will you? 

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