Limbitless And 343 Industries Create Awesome Prosthetic Halo Master Chief Arms For Kids

A company called Limbitless has teamed up with 343 Industries, the game developer behind some of the Halo games, to create some very cool prosthetic limbs for children. These prosthetic limbs are Halo-themed, 3D printed units that 343 Industries says are made available to "young heroes."

mc arm

Limbitless Solutions is a non-profit organization that creates affordable prosthetic limb devices for kids using rapid prototyping technology, specifically 3D printing. The arms it creates are capable of gripping objects and making various gestures. The company fits the limbs to children at a fraction of the cost of other prosthetic devices on the market today. The "Bionic Arm" prosthetics that the company creates are functional, cost-effective, expressive, and the best part is that the limbs are given at no cost to kids.

mc arm blue

343 Industries says that starting in 2019 there will be a pair of unique Halo-themed options added to the line of designs for the 3D printed bionic arms. The first of them is the green arm that is a recreation of the Mk. VI armor that Master Cheif wears in the Halo game franchise. A multiplayer variant of the Mjolnir-inspired prosthetic will be offered to allow a range of color customization. 

mc arm color

The bionic limbs with Halo themes will be delivered to users starting in early 2019. Limbitless is the company that teamed up with actor Robert Downey Jr. to create and deliver an Iron Man prosthetic arm to a boy named Alex. The company funds its projects and bionic arm deliveries with donations to keep its offerings free to children and their families. A company called Open Bionics builds similar bionic arms with Iron Man, Star Wars, and Frozen themes.