Halo Infinite Manager Concedes Cheating Will Never Go Away But You Should Still Report Bad Actors

hero halo infinite campaign trailer
If you're a PC gamer and you haven't tried out Halo Infinite yet, well, why not? The multiplayer game is free, after all. Sure, the monetization is wack—play for hundreds of hours to unlock cosmetics, or pay more than a grand to get everything—but most folks agree that if you ignore the customization aspect, it's the best "Halo" experience since Halo 3.

Of course, Halo Infinite is more than a multiplayer game, and 343 Industries would like you to remember that while it gears up to release the single-player campaign on December 8th. The developer just dropped a launch trailer for the upcoming release and it looks a heck of a lot better than the first campaign footage we watched. Check out all the new stuff, including the new alien robot waifu, in the trailer below:

Naturally, there are plenty of valid reasons to not play Halo Infinite, including "I don't like Halo" and "the game is filled with cheaters." Jokes aside, the problem isn't as bad as we probably make it out to be. In my ten-or-so hours of play time, I've come across exactly one suspected cheater, but it certainly is a problem, with players all over Reddit and other social media platforms crying out for the developers to do something.

It's not as if 343 Industries is completely ignoring the issue, in its defense. Community manager for the Halo brand, John Junyszek, tweeted an admission of the problem, saying that cheating is a natural part of F2P PC games, and that it's never going away. He's not wrong; even the games that go the furthest to stop cheaters still have problem children cropping up.

Junyszek went on to say that 343 is "committed to releasing consistent improvements to [Halo Infinite's] systems and taking action on bad actors." He clarified in a later tweet that he isn't just talking about the game's anti-cheat systems either, but also overall system refinements that make cheating more difficult or less profitable.

The latter part of that message is arguably the more important one, though. Continuing in a second tweet, Junyszek apologized for the lack of an in-game report function, but noted that there is a way to report cheaters, and asked Halo Infinite players to do so, especially with video evidence. You can head over to this page to tattle on misbehaving Spartans.