Intense Halo Infinite Multiplayer Gameplay Shown Off During Livestream Bloodbath

halo infinite gameplay shown off
Now that the details and invitations are out there, fans will be able to take Halo Infinite out for a spin. However, not everyone who wanted in got an invite, but do not fret as you can still find out what multiplayer will look like in the upcoming title from 343 Industries.

On Wednesday, the developers behind the Halo series hosted a technical preview live stream on YouTube where several topics were covered. One of the more interesting parts was the 4v4 Slayer match in Halo Infinite, which was captured on an Xbox Series X. It got down to the wire with 49 kills to the other teams 46 with just under five minutes remaining, but you can look for yourself below.

Throughout the clip, community director Brian Jarrard and associate creative director for multiplayer Tom French covered some of the new features and changes coming to Halo Infinite.  This includes ambiance features such as "Spartan Chatter" and new punk-rock music playing in the background. Furthermore, there are a handful of gameplay changes such as having powerups not activate immediately upon pickup which could have some interesting implications.  Of course, the video also showed some classic Halo weapons throughout the gameplay, which is always nice to see.

So far, Halo Infinite looks gorgeous, and seeing this gameplay has us excited for the technical preview that begins today and runs through August 1st. If you did not get in, hopefully, 343 Industries will have a more open Halo beta in the future, so stay tuned to HotHardware for updates.