Half-Life 10th Anniversary Deal

About 10 years ago, in mid-November 1998, Valve Software released the first installment of one of the greatest and most enduring gaming franchises in history; Half-Life. The original Half-Life won Game of the Year awards in over 50 publications and set the bar for story-driven first-person shooter for years. It was also quite the technological achievement for the heady days of the late nineties, creating one of the most realistic and immersive environments of the period. The game's modding community also launched some of the most memorable multiplayer frag fests of all time, such as Counter-Strike and Team Fortress, all of which are still enjoyed by thousands of gamers daily. It can also lay claim to being the only game to make conducting applied theoretical physics experiments look AWESOME, if not a little dangerous, in an end-of-the-world kind of way.

In the original classic science fiction first-person shooter, you assumed the role of Dr. Gordon Freeman, a recent graduate theoretical physicist. Unfortunately your day job at the Black Mesa research facility just took a turn for the worst, as if working in a windowless research bunker a couple hundred feet underground in the middle of a remote desert wasn't bad enough. The experiment you were just performing blows up in your face, literally, as well as everything in the surrounding area, unleashing all manner of unpleasantry upon the world. Your goal is to find your way out of the Black Mesa facility, all while unraveling the truth behind exactly what went wrong (or very right, if you ask us).

While we bet most of you have already played through the first chapter in Gordan Freeman's saga at least once and have likely also battled your way through the expansions and second installment, there are still some poor souls who have somehow missed out on this venerable classic. Well, those uninitiated among you just got lucky because Valve has got a deal for you. Until noon on Friday November 21st, Valve is offering the original Half-Life game on their Steam distribution service for the paltry price of just $0.98. If you haven't yet experienced this seminal classic, don't miss out on this deal!

Grab your copy of Half-Life for just $0.98 right here.