Watch Half-Life: Alyx Being Played Sans VR Headset With Just A Mouse And Keyboard

half life alyx gameplay

Half-Life: Alyx has only been out for a few days, but many are already claiming that the game is a masterpiece. Many have argued that it is one of the best VR games to date. Unfortunately, many gamers will not be able to experience the game because it is currently only available for VR headsets. But where there is a will, there is a way. Gamers have already found a way to play Half-Life: Alyx with a keyboard and mouse instead of a VR headset.

Tyler McVicker, the founder of the Valve News Network, found a few commands that allowed him to play the game without a headset. McVicker was able to enable several weapons and shoot with his mouse. He was thrilled with his findings and remarked, “I mean this just so f***ing cool that it just works.” A short clip of his gameplay was recently posted on Twitch.

McVicker’s discovery is potentially good news for those who do not own a headset or are reluctant to purchase one. VR headsets can be quite an investment. Valve recommends that gamers purchase the Index VR headset which costs $499 USD. The kit that includes two controllers and two SteamVR 2.0 base stations is a hefty $1,000. Gamers will also need a fairly substantial gaming rig if they want to dive into this game. You can check out the hardware requirements for Half-Life: Alyx here

Game designer Robin Walker predicted that gamers would find a way to play the Half-Life: Alyx without a headset. He stated, “I know it's going to happen. The bigger question is what the fans will think of this ported version of the game.” Walker noted that some of the game’s designers were concerned about the modders. They argue that the game should be played in VR as it was intended. Walker is unconcerned about the modders, and he believes that the ported version will clearly demonstrate why Valve chose to make the game a VR game. 
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