Grand Theft Auto 6 Rumors Run Wild About Netflix Narcos Themed Mayhem

A massive dump of allegedly leaked information has surfaced about the Rockstar title Grand Theft Auto 6. The leak says that the game is codenamed Project America and the leaker on Reddit is a user going by JackOLantern1982. The user claims to have two friends with inside knowledge of what GTA6 will bring to the table.


The game has supposedly been in production since 2012, but was mostly a back shelf deal until mid-2015 and then little work was done on it while Red Dead Redemption 2 was in the works. The leak claims that the game will be set in Vice City and a new fictional location based on Rio de Janeiro. There are some linear missions set in Liberty City that aren't open world. The leaker says that some details about a setting in Cuba have been tipped as well.

The game will be set in the 1970s and 1980s and will have a single playable protagonist. That playable character is an up, and coming drug lord named "Ricardo" with another character named Kacey said to be part of the narrative. The game will use a chapter system as RDR2 does and a giant prison is said to be part of the game. Ricardo moves from a low-level grunt character to a drug kingpin who can rule multiple cities.

Perhaps the most interesting bit about the leak is that the game is claimed to be heavily inspired by the Netflix Narcos series. The in-game economy is tweaked with things like classic cars being worth more as they age. The vehicles that the player uses are more important as the trunk will serve as the location for all weapons and armor, sort of how the saddlebags on the horse in RDR2 act as the location for many weapons and items.

Lots of reading is part of the game with people said to speak the native languages of the area where the player is, meaning not much English. The game is tipped to only run on next-gen console with no support for PS4 or Xbox 1 due to hefty system requirements. There is no ETA for release, GTA6 is said to be in pre-alpha right now. Until GTA6 launches, GTA5 is still very popular, it passed 100 million copies sold last November.