GTA Online Community Goes Ballistic Following Alleged Unfair Swinging Of Ban Hammer

PC gamers are very angry at Rockstar right now after what they claim are unfair bannings that the publisher is handing out left and right. The wide-spanning bans began on March 23 and complaints from a myriad of PC gamers were posted on Reddit, Twitter, Rockstar support forums, and other GTA communities. The gamers are saying that their accounts had been falsely banned for 30 days with no opportunity for an appeal.

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Rockstar has been very quiet on the subject so far with speculation suggesting that the bans are an issue with the latest tunables update or some sort of issue when participating in the Hotring series races. Rockstar recently updated GTA tunables with code changes for Hotring races and the removal of several lines of code. A change was also made to patch an exploit that was related to selling a car according to reports.

Only PC gamers are seeing their accounts banned, and the tunables update is only offered on that platform. Rockstar was initially ignoring the issue according to reports while responding to support messages that aren’t related to the ban wave. In the past, if Rockstar was at fault and issued bans inappropriately, it reversed the bans. Many of the banned users were informed via email, but one way to tell is if your online player has zeroed out stats.

Steam is seeing a spike in negative reviews for GTA V right now, which is to be expected given the mass banning.