GTA V Mod Adds DLSS 3 For A Huge Performance Boost, Check It Out

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DLSS modder PureDark just brought DLSS 3 frame generation tech to Grand Theft Auto V, an older but still fairly graphically intensive game for modern hardware, especially when using graphics mods. Although FSR 1.0 was modded into GTA V soon after the upscaling technology came out, DLSS 3 is a much different beast and required PureDark to dig deep into the weeds. DLSS 3 could literally be a game-changer for gamers wanting to play GTA V at higher framerates.

PureDark is the perhaps controversial modder who released a DLSS 3 mod for Starfield via his Patreon, which users had to donate to in order to download the mod. While that didn't win him any points with the community, his work with GTA V is undeniably impressive as GTA V doesn't have the motion vectors needed for DLSS 3 to work. However, PureDark was able to create motion vectors by adding custom shaders, and from there DLSS 3 became possible to add as well.

As expected, using DLSS 3 as compared to no upscaler results in about twice the amount of frames per second, which could be pretty useful for anyone running the game with lots of graphics mods. If you're just running GTA V with the normal graphics though, you might find that even an RTX 4060 is more than enough since GTA V came out on PC nearly a decade ago now.

While there's much debate over whether DLSS 3 is worth turning on as it has relatively high latency and some visual artifacts, in GTA V it could be really useful for gamers seeking 200+ framerates. It's impossible to run GTA V past 180 FPS or so, due to a game engine bug, but DLSS 3 should be able to get around this since it generates frames outside of the normal pipeline. PureDark didn't mention whether his mod actually surpasses the normal 180 FPS cap, but it seems like it might finally make GTA V playable at 190 FPS and beyond.
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