GTA VI Trailer Gets Recreated In Minecraft And It's Awesome

gta 6 trailer gets recreated in minecraft and its awesome
When joking about committing a crime, a common meme usually follows up with “in a video game,” or “in Minecraft,” to ‘absolve’ you of the crime for anyone listening. However, some animators brought the world of Grand Theft Auto VI into Minecraft with an impressive animation, which imples you could commit all the crimes you want in Minecraft now. Despite the meme, this shot-for-shot recreation of the GTA VI trailer is incredibly impressive and has some cool tech behind it.

Earlier in the month, Boranium Art posted their rendition of the GTA VI trailer made in “Minecraft,” which we put in quotes because while it uses Minecraft assets, there is a bit more than that. Regardless, the trailer is recreated with incredible accuracy with some inside jokes regarding Minecraft as well, like using splash potions to water plants to smooth over some things that aren’t doable, given the bounds of the animation and Minecraft. You can see the side-by-side comparison video that was posted by Boranium Art below, and even with the adjustments, is really clean.

PCGamer spoke with Ray Escobar, the owner of Boranium and leader of a small team, who explained that this is not an AI-based creation and that they had spent the better part of a year planning this out. Further, everything you see in the animation is built in Minecraft and then exported to Unreal Engine 5 using a tool called Mineways, where some cleanup and relighting happens. Interestingly, characters are animated in Autodesk Maya rather than UE5, and pulling everything together took about one-and-a-half months.

This faithful recreation of the GTA VI trailer has a lot of little details that will require a few rewatches to catch all the Easter eggs and other funny things that were snuck in. We’ve had a good time going through it and still don’t think we have seen everything, so if you manage to catch anything cool, let us know about it in the comments below.