Grippity Transparent Tablet Latest Effort To Revolutionize Input

The mouse and keyboard have been the go-to method of input for computers for ages, but touchscreens and even gestures (with projects such as Leap Motion and Microsoft’s Kinect) have revolutionized how we interact with our computing devices. Still unsatisfied, humans are looking to push thing further.

A group from Tel Aviv is developing Grippity, a transparent tablet that’s actually more of an input device than a computing device. The display is semi-transparent, and you can type on the upward-facing surface as well as the rear. This allows you to type with all ten fingers while allowing your wrists and palms to remain in a relaxed position.

Grippity transparent tablet

The device runs Android and has a 7-inch (800x480) display with front and rear capacitive touch panels and an ARM Cortex A8 processor with 512K RAM. There’s an SD card slot, 4GB of internal storage, an IR transmitter, and WiFi and Bluetooth.

Backtyping, as it’s called, is an intriguing concept, and if implemented well with an attractive and functional design, it could change some things in the computing industry. For now, Grippity looks very much like a prototype, and the Grippity team is trying to make it that last mile with a Kickstarter campaign.

Grippity transparent tablet
Early cardboard experiments

They’re looking to raise $199,000, and with 28 days left the group has pulled in $22,621. Throw in your hat if you’re interested in the project; and for what it’s worth, some of those backer perks are downright cool.