Greatest Security Software Evar! Nuh Uh. Is Too! DIAF. Yer Mother.

All in one computer security seems the way to go now. Too many programs doing not enough things equals compromised security. But let's face it; the real reason to read about Symantec's new Norton 360 security suite is to read all the robo-dweebs yelling at one another in the comments section about their favorite software. Enjoy!

Symantec today announced the availability of Norton 360, a solution that combines antivirus, antispyware, firewall, intrusion protection, anti-phishing, backup and tune-up, eliminating the need to purchase and manage multiple products. Norton 360 is now available for purchase through the Symantec online store . It will be available for purchase at various retail locations and online retailers in March 2007. An optional add-on pack with Anti-Spam and Parental Controls will also be available to Norton 360 customers in mid-March through an optional add-on pack at no additional charge.


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