Gran Turismo Sport Drifts Onto PlayStation 4 November 15th, PlayStation VR Support Likely

gt sport 4
The latest in a long line of Gran Turismo games is coming to the PlayStation 4 this fall; November 15th to be exact. Gran Turismo Sport is being billed as the “world’s first racing experience to be built from the ground up” with online racing that’s officially sanctioned by the Federation International Automobile (FIA).

Players will be able to complete online, and represent their home country or their favorite automobile manufacturers (via the officially sanctioned Nations Cup or Manufacturers Fan Cup championships). You’ll also be able to make a name for yourself and build a reputation as you build your career up from the doldrums and race your way to the top through the advanced matchmaking system.

Gran Turismo Sport will bring with it real word physics and vehicle dynamics along with 27 different tracks (spread among 19 global locations) including fan-favorite Nürburgring. You’ll also find new additions like Northern Isle Speedway. But most importantly, there will be over 140 “Super Premium Cars” to choose from that have been “painstakingly remodeled from scratch” inside and out.

gt sport 2

Other features coming to Gran Turismo Sport include offline racing with Campaign Mode, over two dozen exclusive concept cars, livery customization and Photo Scapes which allow you to show off your fancy rides posing in beautiful locales from around the globe. As for PlayStation VR support, Gran Turismo Sport Game Director Kazunori Yamauchi says that his team is “trying to support PlayStation VR from launch.”

gt sport 1

Gran Turismo Sport will launch November 15th in the United States at a price of $59.99.