Gran Turismo Sport Delayed Until 2017 For PlayStation 4

Gran Turismo Sport Cars

Well, this is a bit of a bummer. Polyphony had originally planned for Gran Turismo Sport to drift onto the PlayStation 4 in mid-November, but has now decided to delay the title to sometime in 2017. Polyphony pointed to high expectations, both from eager fans itching to get behind the virtual wheel and its own development team, as why it's delaying what it considers its foremost competitive gaming title.

Polyphony's putting a lot of effort into GT Sport. The developer said it's one of its most ambitious undertakings to date as it employs the latest technologies, things like physics-based rendering and sound simulations. Polyphony isn't shy about saying it's trying to reinvent the racing game genre, and with that being the stated goal, it needs to make a great first impression.

"We’ve been excited and humbled by the response each time that we’ve shared new gameplay with everyone. However, as we approach our planned release date in November, we realize we need more time to perfect GT Sport, which we’ve already dedicated so much effort towards since announcing the title," Polypony said. "We do not want to compromise the experience in any way."

Gran Turismo Sport LaFerrari

The developer said it wasn't ready to commit to a specific release date, leaving no hint as to when in 2017 GT Sport will race into view. Until then, Polyphony plans to keep showing off the title at various gaming events around the globe.

Barring any changes, GT Sport will have 27 different tracks spread across 19 locations, including Nürburgring. It will also boast over 140 "Super Premium Cars" that have been remodeled from the ground up.