Google's Nest Thermostat Hits Record Low $88 During Limited Time Fire Sale

nest thermostat 4
In early October 2020, Google overhauled its popular Nest Thermostat with a touch-only interface and slashed its price. Whereas the preceding Nest Thermostat E retailed for $169.99, the "new" Nest Thermostat rung up at just $129.99.

Amazon is now selling the Nest Thermostat at its lowest price ever, even beating the previous low set on Prime Day. The device is currently selling for $87.99, or 30 percent off its MSRP. Interestingly, the low price is only available in the Snow color. The Charcoal, Sand, and Fog colors are priced higher at $99.98.

One peculiarity with the Nest Thermostat is that it doesn't come with a trim kit like its more expensive siblings; you have to pay extra for it. However, you can get the Nest Thermostat (Snow) with a trim kit for $102.98. The trim kit allows you to quickly cover up any imperfections that result from removing your old thermostat, without needing to repaint the entire wall.

One other thing to consider is that, unlike the flagship third-generation Nest Learning Thermostat, this cheaper version doesn't offer as wide of compatibility with HVAC systems. So you'll want to make sure that you check out Google's Compatibility Checker to see if your unit will work.

nest thermostat 3

If you want a cheap way of adding app-controlled "smart" capabilities to your HVAC system, the Nest Thermostat is one of the most affordable offerings available at this price. You can even control it by voice using Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. And we must say that it looks good as well, with its mirrored finish that only presents cooling/heating and temperature readouts when you interact with it. Speaking of the display, it detects when you are approaching using Google's Project Soli technology, and only then does it light up. Interacting with the thermostat is accomplished by using a touch-sensitive setup mounted on the side of the device.

In fact, we think that the unit features an even more attractive design than the more expensive Nest Learning Thermostat, but we digress. We don't know how long this special pricing will last, so act sooner rather than later.