Google Sponsored Study Finds Kids Think Google Is Lit, Go Figure

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If you're not sure whether or not you'd be classified as "cool", a quick way to find out is to open up that wallet and fund your own study. That's just what Google did with a study titled: "It's Lit: A Guide To What Teens Think Is Cool". The result were not too surprising.

With the help of a scatter chart highlighting results from Gen-Z kids (post-millennial), we can easily see which brands reign supreme, and which ones fall flat on their faces. Because "10" is too even a number, Google decided to cap "Most Cool" at 9, with YouTube coming closest to that high mark. Right behind it: Google, and Netflix. Again, not too surprising.

Google Lit Cool Brands
Google's Lit Or Cool Brand Scatter Plot - Click for full view

What might be surprising is some of the names that appear in the lower left corner (the least aware / least cool). Vice heads up the bottom spot, with Line, Quicksilver, and Virgin America keeping it company. WhatsApp, TMZ, and The Wall Street Journal rank just as poorly, outside of the fact that all of them rank high on the "Most Aware" side of the chart.

Interestingly, both Facebook and Facebook Messenger top the charts for "Most Aware", but fall either right in the middle, or below the middle of "Least Cool" and "Most Cool", which we guess would make it Tepid Cool. You can view a much larger version of this scatter chart in Google's official PDF (25MB, right-click, save as).

Google Cool

Brand coolness isn't the only thing that was tackled in this study. There are also breakdowns of which sexes use certain social services more (nearly 5x more females use Pinterest than males, for example), among other fun facts. Did you know that PlayStation is a "cooler" brand than Xbox to millennials? Meanwhile, Xbox is more popular than PlayStation to post-millennials (Gen-Z).

Ultimately, what probably matters most to Google is that it's cool as far as teens are concerned, and let's face it: it's less likely to have its lunch money stolen as a result.

(Top Image Sourced From Keng Susumpow/flickr)