Google Sends Awesome Lego Charging Kit To Project Fi Subscribers

If you're a current Project Fi subscriber, you may soon be in for a little bit of a surprise. According to a slew of users on Google+, Google has begun sending out a small gift to subscribers as a way to say thanks for putting faith in its carrier business. Inside the box is an instructional booklet that says, "Thanks for your support. Let's build on this.", and once you spot the pile of LEGO inside, you'll soon get the subtle joke.

Inspired by Project Fi's own colors, this LEGO can be used to build a stand that lets you set your phone down sideways while it charges. According to some users, the pieces can also be used to build a cable organizer.

Project Fi Lego
Credit: Jason Lukaszewski

If you haven't received this gift and are wondering if you are even applicable, Google has posted a simple matrix to explain how these kits are being sent out. Ultimately, if you were a current Project Fi subscriber as of November 8, a kit should be en route. If you were a subscriber but later canceled, you're out of luck. Finally, if you only just became a subscriber since November 8, you'll receive one based on supply.

Project Fi Lego Availability

While this is a really nice gesture, it's not one that's going to likely strike too many as a surprise coming from Google. The company has long loved to have fun when it can - something its April Fools' jokes can attest. What does stand out about this, though, is just how unique this makes Project Fi. It's hard to imagine a carrier like AT&T, Sprint, or Verizon pulling off something fun like this. T-Mobile would be the most likely, but thanks to its CEO John Legere, it's already given us the gift of humor many times over.