Google Finally Selling Its $15 Cardboard VR Headset Through Google Store

If you have $3,000 to drop on Microsoft's HoloLens or $799 for HTC's Vive headset, more power to you. But for those of you who suffered sticker shock even at Oculus Rft's $599 price tag, there's still Cardboard, the ultra-cheap alternative that works with your smartphone. It's just $15, and it's now available to purchase directly from Google online store.

This is the first time Google's sold Cardboard in its store. Up until now, it was only available through third-party sellers, sometimes as part of a bundle. Not anymore—it's available to purchase and in-stock for just $15, or $25 for a two-pack, both with free shipping. You can't beat the price, unless of course you hack a cardboard box at home and build your own.

Google Cardboard

There is some assembly required, but it consists of just three simple steps. Basically, if you can fold a piece of paper or cardboard without hurting yourself, then you're qualified to put together Cardboard, so don't fret over the construction. It's also worth noting that Cardboard supports a wide range of smartphones, which isn't the case with Samsung's GearVR.

If Google's own version of Cardboard isn't your thing, Google has a couple of other VR options that it's now selling in its store. One is Mattel's recently released View-Master VR Starter Pack. It runs $30 and comes with the plastic viewer, preview reel, and iPhone 5/5c/5s adapter. Similar to Cardboard, you slide your phone inside for a VR experience.

The other option is Goggle Tech's C1-Glass VR Viewer. It's a $15 gadget that's barely bigger than a pair of glasses. You can use it with most Android and iOS phones with screen sizes from 4 inches to 6 inches.