Google Rolls Out Mobile Update to Eliminate Fat-Fingered Accidental Ad Clicks

We’ve all done it; you’re trying to navigate around an app or web page on your smartphone or other mobile device, and because of your meaty adult-sized fingers, you accidentally click an ad that kicks you out of whatever you’re doing and takes you elsewhere. Even Google, who makes its bones on ad clicks, recognizes that this is not ideal.

In a blog post, Allen Huang, Product Manager, Mobile Display Ads, nailed it by saying, “Many of us have at some point clicked on an ad by accident, which ultimately is a bad experience for the user, the publisher, and the advertiser who pays for clicks that may not be valuable.”

Google fat fingers

To solve the problem, Google is rolling out confirmed clicks for its in-app image ad banners, which will require users to tap a blue button that says “Visit Site” before they’re whisked away. The company says that it found that most accidental clicks occur on the outer edge of an ad unit, when a user is trying to scroll or click something else.

It’s a simple tweak, and one that Google has previously added to its mobile text ad banners, but hey, it’s the little things that make users happy.