Google Reported Could Spend Upwards of $500 Million On Moto X Smartphone Marketing Plan, It Better Be HOT

As we reported just the other day, Motorola's next flagship smartphone will be coming to us in the form of "Moto X". It's set to be 4.7-inches, feature a 720p display, be powered by NVIDIA's Tegra 4i chip (it feels like this chip is taking forever to get into our hands) and a 16 megapixel rear and 5 megapixel front camera.

Some might have concerns over the 720p display (although it could wind up being 1080p; we have to wait for more details to leak through), but overall it could be quite an attractive offering. That's so much the case, that Google has plans to market it like no other Android phone before it.

According to the folks at The Wall Street Journal, Motorola is mulling the idea of spending up to $500 million to market the Moto X both stateside and abroad. As the phone is set to launch on the four major carriers in the US this fall, Motorola's ambitions are easy to understand. But still - half a billion just on marketing a single phone is jaw-dropping.

For those who enjoy knowing that the products in their hands were designed in their own country, US citizens should love the Moto X. On July 4th, Motorola announced that the phone is being assembled in the US. It's clear that not every individual component was manufactured in the US (that's impossible given not all parts are under Motorola's control), but it is nice to see something not get outsourced, as has become all too common.