Google Pixel 3 XL Rocks 1440x2960 Display, Battery Takes Slight Hit In Capacity

Pixel 3 XL
In just a few weeks (less than two months at this point), Google is expected to reveal all there is to know about its upcoming Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL handsets, save for real-world performance metrics (that will be up to reviewers like us to reveal). There may not be many surprises, however, as leaks continue to trickle in. The latest leak shows a supposed Pixel 3 XL displaying screenshots from AIDA64.

As always with this sort of thing, we can't say for sure if the information is legitimate or whether the pictures are even real (versus doctored). However, it's at least plausible. It's been reported that Google tapped Foxconn to build Pixel 3 series, and it seems that some pre-production models have found their way out of China and into the hands of Russian leakers.
One thing we can see from the pics is the prominent notch on the display. No big surprise there, given previous leaks and rumors, and what has become a growing trend ever since Apple launched its iPhone X with a notch on top. The real juicy stuff is in the screenshots, though, which reveal some of the hardware specifications.

Those screenshots indicate a 2960x1440 resolution, up slightly from the Pixel 2 XL's 2880x1440 resolution. The bump in res is likely to account for the larger screen size.

Not everything is bigger, however, as AIDA64 shows a 3,430 mAh capacity battery. That's down from the Pixel 2 XL's 3,520 mAh battery pack. It seems Google is going for a thinner chassis, and is willing to sacrifice battery capacity to get there.

AIDA64 also references a Qualcomm processor, presumably the Snapdragon 845, and Adreno 630 graphics.

Thumbnail/Top Image Source: Twitter via Wylsacom and WylsacomRED