Google Announces Nest Hub Max With 10-inch Display Priced At $229

nest hub max
Google is making some changes in its smart home product lineup to help erase some of the confusion between Google and Nest-branded device. Going forward, its smart home products will fall under the Nest brand name, starting with the Nest Hub Max.

The Nest Hub Max is a larger extension of the 7-inch Google Home Hub that launched last year. It comes with a larger 10-inch touch display (1280x800) and of course is built around the Google Assistant and serves as a smart speaker (there are two 10W tweeters up front and 30W subwoofer out back).

The device can easily connect with your other connected devices like the Nest Hello video doorbell, or your Nest Cam Outdoor camera (for example). You can query the Google Assistant to present a view from your front door with the Nest Hello, or pull up movie trailers while you cook from YouTube.

nest hub max 2

Besides the bigger display, the Nest Hub Max also includes an onboard camera that can be used to make video calls with Google Duo, or even recognize individuals in the household when they walk in front of the device. For example, if you were to stand in front of the Nest Hub Max, only personal details relevant to you would be displayed. For those that are a bit paranoid about having a Google device in common areas with a camera on it, there is a hardware switch on the back of the device that will disable the camera when it’s not needed.

The Nest Home Max will be available later this summer for $229. The original Google Home Hub, which has been relaunched as the Nest Hub, has been lowered in price from $149 to $129. We should mention, however, the this device has been available for as low at $75 on sale in recent months, so don’t get fooled into paying that even that lower $129 MSRP.