Google Accidentally Outs Nest Home Hub Max With 10-inch Smart Display

Home smart devices have increasingly become multifunctional and serve consumers through screens, cameras, stereos, and virtual assistants. Google already offers a range of home devices, but its next device appears to follow this multi-use trend. Google accidentally revealed an upcoming product called the Nest Hub Max on its own website. The device will boast a 10-inch screen and improve upon a number of existing features from popular products.

google nest hub max 1
Image from Android Police

Although the listing has since been taken down, we were able to learn a few things about the Nest Hub Max. The device will include a 10-inch smart display, built-in Nest cameras, and stereo speakers. Users will also be able to use the camera to make Duo calls.

The Nest Hub Max is a significant upgrade from the current line of products. At the moment, Google’s Home Hub is the most similar product to the Nest Hub Max. The Home Hub incorporates a 7-inch LCD touchscreen and full-range speakers. It can be paired with the Nest Hello video doorbell and Nest Cam Outdoor cameras.

google nest hub max 2
Image from Android Police 

However, this combination of products can be quite pricey. The Google Home Hub rings in around $140 USD (although it can be readily found for under $100 on sale), while the Nest Hello video doorbell costs $229 and each Nest Cam Outdoor costs $199. We do not currently know the price of the Nest Hub Max, but hopefully it will cost less than this current combination of products.

Google has recently made quite a few improvements to its connected home range. This past month, Google added its “Continued Conversation” feature to the Google Home Hub and other devices like the Lenovo Smart Display. Continued Conversation mode allows users to make a request and then quickly follow up with related questions.

google home hub google
Current Google Home Hub

Google Assistant is also now available on Nest Secure home security devices. Users are able to ask their device information about traffic, flight status updates, or the weather forecast. Google was considering rebranding Nest Smart Home products, but appears to have decided to simply release new products and add new capabilities to the Nest Smart Home line.

There is currently no release date set for the Nest Hub Max. Perhaps Google will announce the product at its I/O event in May. Google has a history of introducing new products for the Home line at at past I/O events.