Google Hires Guy Kawasaki to ReInvigorate Motorola Brand

Google definitely got itself a solid portfolio of devices and technologies when it acquired Motorola Mobility, but if the Motorola brand doesn’t exactly stir strong feelings in you, you’re not alone. Google itself apparently feels the same way.

Google officials have gone on record as saying that Motorola’s current offerings aren’t up to the standards Google wants in terms of innovation, and there’s just no “wow” factor to the current lineup. (We reviewed the newest Motorola handsets last fall, and our evaluations bore that feeling out: The phones were solid and had some excellent qualities, but they weren’t overly impressive.)

Motorola Razr M
Motorola Razr M

To address this issue, the Motorola division has been working on a mysterious X phone and X tablet, but it looks like the group could use a little something--a blast of fresh ideas, perhaps, or maybe just some guidance. In any case, Google has hired Guy Kawasaki to advise the Motorola group.

Kawasaki, a former Apple evangelist, announced the appointment on Facebook, saying that he was going to focus on “product design, user interface, marketing, and social media”. He went on in the post to state that at present, Motorola reminds him of Apple circa 1998: “A pioneer in its market segment, engineering-driven, and ripe for innovation.”

Judging from how far Apple has come from 15 years ago, Kawasaki has some big plans for Motorola.