Google, Facebook, Amazon Programmers Developing Cancer Research Game

I doubt it needs to be said, but curing cancer is far from easy. Today, gathering required data isn't so much the problem, but rather having enough people to analyze it is. Wouldn't it be great, then, if there were a way for ordinary people to chip in? It might seem a little outlandish, given we're not all scientists, but Cancer Research UK would like to correct our way of thinking.

In conjunction with Facebook, Amazon and Google, a mobile game is being developed that will allow regular citizens to solve important puzzles, that when combined en masse, will give researchers the data they need to speed along their progress, quicker.

What the game will look like, we're unsure. There's also the question of just how fun a game based around problem-solving would be to the general public, but that's where an event called "GameJam", being held this weekend in London, comes into play. There, programmers, graphic designers and other specialists will work with scientists to figure out the best possible formula. In order for a game like this to succeed, it's going to have to be interesting, so it sounds like these folks have quite the challenge on their hands.

Once the formula is settled-upon, an agency contracted through the GameJam event will begin development, with the final release set for summer 2013.

What do you think? Is this a good idea with real potential, or just another idea that is likely to fall flat?