Google Daydream VR Platform Launches On Android 7.0 Nougat In A Few Short Weeks

We reported earlier this year on Daydream, a new Google solution for virtual reality. It's in effect set to become Google Cardboard's replacement, and requires Android 7.0 'Nougat' to use. If all of the required specs are met, then Google will denote compatible phones as 'Daydream Ready'.

If Google has its way, Daydream is going to be huge, and the company isn't going to leave it to chance that it's going to happen. As Bloomberg reports, the company has been investing 'hundreds of thousands' of dollars into various projects that will launch for Daydream, giving those who adopt the technology some exclusive content to enjoy.

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The latest version of Android, Nougat, is required for Daydream

The report says that Google is working with Hulu on some projects, and also with some popular YouTubers, such as the Dolan twins and Justine Ezarik (iJustine). It's also noted that Alphabet is teaming up with some videogame producers and also sports leagues. Could we see more live sports in VR? Let's hope so.

Once launched, Daydream is going to be its own ecosystem, with a wide variety of content being made available. That doesn't just include watchable content, but also games and even apps. You could argue that Google is a bit late to this party, since Samsung has had GearVR for a while, and Oculus and HTC dominate the high-end market, but the reality is that we're still so early in the modern VR ecosystem; there's room for improvement. We'll soon see if Google has that improvement.