Google Chat Is Gaining 7 New Abilities To Make Messaging Faster And Easier

hero google chat
Google has announced seven new and upcoming features for its Google Chat. The company says these new features will make it easier to use and more fun to message family and friends.

Whether it be a direct message or a group conversation, Google Chat helps individuals and teams to collaborate with another in a fluid and efficient manner. One of its most notable features is that it can be accessed right in Gmail, or as a standalone app. Now, Google is adding seven new features that will make the experience of collaborating via Google Chat even more convenient.

The first new feature is called smart compose, which allows the user to receive contextually-aware suggestions that can help reduce spelling and grammatical errors. While typing in Chat, a suggestion will appear and if the user wants to accept it, they simply hit tab on the keyboard. The feature will also be available in Gmail and Google Docs, and has begun rolling out to all Chat users.

A second new feature being rolled out is message editing. This feature allows a user to tweak a message already sent, ensuring it is "clear, accurate and hits the right tone," according to Google. If the message just does not do it for the user, they also have the option to delete it and then simply compose another. This feature is already generally available to all Chat users.

For anyone that has ever felt lost in a group message, Google had added the ability to quote a message in a response. This way, everyone in the group can see the exact comment the user is referring to, taking away any confusion that may occur otherwise. This feature is also already generally available to all Chat users.

Technology is great, when it works. Many know the pain of losing internet while in the middle of an interaction. Not knowing whether or not the message someone sent actually went through and if those in the group actually saw it can be frustrating. Now, however, read receipts for group messages in Chat relieves any stress of not knowing. For large group chats, a user can see everyone's avatar below the message in question. This feature is currently available for direct messages on mobile and web, and will be rolling out for group messages on mobile and web this month.

A few other new features are being able to link directly to text, hide inactive conversations, and being able to add apps for additional features. The first two are generally available to all users now, with the latter being rolled out in the coming weeks.

Anyone that would like to see more about all the new features coming to Google Chat can check them out on Google's website.