Got Writer's Block? Gmail's AI Will Compose Your Emails On Android And iOS

hero google ai assisted writing
Smartphone users can soon take advantage of AI-assisted writing for emails via the "Help me write" function available in Gmail for Android and iOS. For now, the feature is only available for those who have enrolled as testers of the company's Workspace Labs.

Many can attest to how difficult it can be to contrive the best answer to an email. Whether it be a personal response to a loved one, or a reply to a business offer, coming up with the right words and phrases can be daunting. Google aims to ease the pain of trying to master the art of writing with its "Help me write" feature.

Anyone wondering whether or not they are part of Google Workspace Labs, which is by invitation only, can check by seeing if there is a "Help me write" button at the bottom of the compose window in the Gmail mobile app.

Those who do have the function on either an Android or iOS phone can begin utilizing the feature by first opening the Gmail app on the device and then tapping Compose. Users will then tap the "Help me write" button at the bottom right of the screen and then enter a prompt. For example, "A thank you letter for my job interview," or "Tell mom I won't be able to make Thanksgiving dinner this year."

Google suggests considering the recipient, the topic, and the tone a user wants to convey while entering the prompt. An example is typing "An apology to my child's teacher for their absence for their absence." Google says it may take a few drafts before finally receiving a response suitable for the occasion. Once an acceptable response is given, simply tap Create.

Once the draft is generated, users will be able to send feedback, edit the generated text to further refine it, or tap Recreate to generate an entirely new response. Just be aware that once Recreate is chosen, the old response is no longer available.

The AI writing assistance does not end there, however. Once a message is composed, users can once again tap the "Help me write" button to bring up a few other options. Those include: Formalize, Elaborate, Shorten, and I'm Feeling Lucky (which adds creative details to the draft).

Anyone can sign up for access to Google Labs by visiting Google's website. Workspace Labs is experimenting with new generative AI features in Workspace and taking feedback from users to improve the features before being made broadly available to the public.