Gigabyte's 7900 and 7600 Series Tested

After their initial launch, new GeForce 7900 and 7600 series cards have been slow to roll in here, although they are plentiful in the retail channel.  Regardless we are now getting product in from XFX and many others here shortly.  In the mean time, check out TweakTown's look at Gigabyte's offering...

I personally use a Radeon X1900XTX because it is better at what I play, predominately Battlefield 2 yet the biggest problem with it is the noise output - it is just way too loud and you really have to crank up the speakers or use headphones to get over it. The 7900GTX I feel is the better card, it performs similar and better depending what games you're playing. The 7900GT which compared to the X1900XT is a single slot solution as opposed to a dual slot and is just an overall better card.

No doubt, that 7900GT is hella strong for the money and comparatively it just sips the power.

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