Gigabyte Video Card, Plextor PX-708A and Others

Good evening friends, welcome to HotHardware.  Things in my personal life have been quite hectic over the past few days, so I haven't had much activity on the main page.  However, back with my usual bag of tricks, here is the evening news...

 Gigabyte GV-RX60X128V PCI-E Videocard Review @ PC Stats

"In this review, we have some new and exciting technology to cover as reviews the PCI-Express x16 Gigabyte GV-RX60X128V videocard. Built around the solid Radeon X600XT core, the Gigabyte GV-RX60X128V offers quick performance figures for a mainstream card, and takes over right where the Radeon 9600XT left off. The Gigabyte GV-RX60X128V is equipped with 128MB of Hynix 2.5ns DDR DRAM, a nice little heatsink, and Video in / Video out. Gigabyte has bundled in a few extra's, such as a DVI-to-analog converter (for dual monitors), a full version of PowerDVD 5 and Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield. The VIVO cable is about 120cm in length, so its easy to hook up the PC to a TV. It's a much better option than having those small VIVO boxes that stick out only a few cm from the computer."

 Plextor PX-708A review @ OCModShop

"Plextor has once again outdone themselves and I am more than impressed for the third time. The abilities of this drive far surpass that of any other that I have used. I really feel that Plextor took the time to look over their PX-504A which was the predecessor to this new drive and greatly improve upon it. The biggest improvement I noticed other than the obvious faster and more compatible DVD burning was the eject time and noise level. The eject time with this drive is very fast and burning both CD and DVD are extremely quiet. Not only is burning quiet but even at over 40x read speeds the drive doesn't sound like a plane taking off. With new technologies like Mt. Rainier and Lossless linking and the ever increasing support for DVD±RW media I see no end in sight for Plextor's reputation for quality and high performing products."

 Silverstone SST-30NF Fan-Less PSU @ ExtremeMHz

"Silverstone Technology is getting to be a very familiar name in performance computing these days. Even though the former Cooler Master ACTS team is better known for their aluminum computer cases, they're not leaving it there. Today we'll be taking a look at the newest member of the Silverstone power supply lineup, the SST-30NF. Aside from looking pretty, the 30NF sports a fan free design that will make it truly silent. But will the new design hold up to a big load without cooking the case and other components? Read on!"

 RoyalTek's Sapphire GPS @

"If you're into traveling, one way to make things easier is to use a GPS device. These handy little devices can tell you exactly where you are on earth. Use one with mapping software and you can basically plot a trip anywhere. Today we're taking a look at a very affordable GPS unit from Royaltek, their Sapphire GPS Mouse."

 Acadia Technology (GlobalWin) YCC-S27 Case Reviewed @

"For a long while it looked as though the Micro-ATX form factor motherboard and cases were about to become a thing of the past, but it's good to see that some of the major players in the motherboard field haven't given up on them yet. Just doing a quick check at Newegg shows that they have 38 - AMD motherboards listed and 58 for Intel. With all those motherboards we need cases and one of those is the Acadia Technology's YCC-25 low profile case. Come on along as we check it out."

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