GIGABYTE Unveils GeForce GTX 980 WaterForce Tri-SLI Killer Gaming Graphics Kit

NVIDIA's top-end GeForce GTX 980 graphics card is powerful. So powerful, in fact, that I've felt confident in calling its performance "drool-worthy". Well, after seeing GIGABYTE's latest release, I'm thinking that's a statement I should take back, as it's a little more deserving. It's called the WATERFORCE 3-way SLI water cooling system, and as the name implies, we get three times the GTX 980 action with this one.

Just look at it!

The product page for this kit doesn't explode at the seams with details, but fortunately, images like these speak volumes. This is an entire water cooling kit that sits on top of your chassis and includes a dedicated 120mm radiator for each card. The massive unit that sits atop your PC is powered beyond just the waterpump; it has a readout display to keep you up-to-date on temperatures (and perhaps also fan speeds / pump rate), and also has a couple of knobs to adjust its operation to your liking.

Interestingly, the tubing doesn't go through the back of your PC, but instead through its top 5.25-inch drive bay, as seen in the shot below:

Admittedly, I think this design is a little clunky, but it was probably the safest route GIGABYTE could take to assure that people would be able to run three card's worth of tubing into their PCs. As you might expect, the cards included in this kit are overclocked; boosted from 1,126MHz to 1,228MHz. Somewhat surprisingly, memory speeds remain in tact at 7Gbps.

GIGABYTE hasn't announced pricing for this product, but on account of the fact that a single GTX 980 will run you $550, I'd expect no less than a $2,000 price tag here. This is one seriously heavy duty piece of kit.