Gigabyte Launches Trio Of FreeSync, G-Sync Gaming Monitors At Up To 165Hz

Gigabyte Aorus Gaming Monitors at CES 2020
I remember a time not all that long ago when the PC monitor market had grown rather stagnant. In more recent years, monitor makers have hit their stride by focusing on gaming features, like G-Sync and FreeSync, high refresh rates, and other enthusiast-oriented bells and whistles. As such, Gigabyte is expanding its growing monitor lineup with three new models sporting some tantalizing features.

Gigabyte is best known for its motherboards and graphics cards, though it entered the gaming monitor market last year through its Aorus division. Now it's introducing a Gigabyte gaming series (read: non-Aorus).

"The monitors received much positive feedback and have been selected as 2019’s best gaming monitors by renowned media. Following the success of Aorus gaming monitors, a series of Gigabyte gaming monitors built with perfect panel specification and a high quality guarantee for both curve and flat displays have been introduced at CES," Gigabyte says.

Gigabyte Aorus Gaming Monitors

If you sift through the marketing hype, you'll find a trio of displays with high-end specifications. Starting with the biggest, the Gigabyte G32QC features a 31.5-inch panel with a 1500R curvature, 2560x1440 (QHD) resolution, and fast 165Hz refresh rate.

Gigabyte says this is a FreeSync Premium Pro monitor (the highest level of FreeSync available, and previously known as FreeSync 2 HDR), and is also G-Sync Compatible to boot. So whether you own a Radeon or GeForce graphics card, you can sync the refresh rate to your GPU to smooth out gameplay and eliminate screen tears that can other otherwise occur. It is also DisplayHDR 400 certified.

Gigabyte is claiming this display offers 90 percent coverage of the DCI-P3 color space. That means it offers a wide color gamut, and further insinuates accurate color reproduction and superior image quality (though we haven't tested this monitor yet). There's no mention of the panel type, but the specs point to either a VA or IPS screen.

Second up to bat is one of two 27-inch monitors, the Gigabyte G27QC. It's similar overall to the G32QC (1500R curvature, 2560x1440 resolution, 165Hz refresh rate), but smaller, lacks DisplayHDR 400 certification, is a FreeSync Premium (not Pro) display. It is HDR Ready though, and is also G-Sync Compatible. In addition, it touts a pair of built-in 2W stereo speakers, which is something the G32QC lacks.

Finally, the Gigabyte G27F is the sole flat panel monitor of the bunch. It offers a 1980x1080 resolution at up to 144Hz, 120 percent coverage of the sRGB color space, FreeSync support, and is G-Sync Compatible. HDR support is not present here, though for those who care, it also sports a pair of 2W speakers.

Other specs have not yet been revealed, such as brightness, contrast, response time, and so forth. Somewhat oddly, however, Gigabyte is hyping up support for automatic updates on all three models.

"With Gigabyte’s exclusive Auto-Update feature, it will run automatic and instant system checkups once the monitor is connected to the PC and execute the required updates immediately. Users can effortlessly enjoy the finest gaming experience with features Gigabyte continues to develop and upgrade while giving extra protection to your monitor," Gigabyte says.

Um, cool? I have never found myself worrying much about updating my monitors, but if that's a concern for you, well, there you go.

Gigabyte did not say when these monitors will be available or how much they will cost.