Get Your $499 iMac. Never Mind The Asustek Label

Asustek's nifty and inexpensive Eee PC laptop certainly captivated the market and all us assorted tech writers,  so now seems as good a time as any for Asustek to go after other segments of the market.  They've decided people might like their version of a desktop PC, an "all -in-one" like the iMac, and an "E-TV."

 The E-DT, a desktop PC which will not be sold with a monitor, is scheduled to launch in April or May this year and will be showcased at CeBIT 2008. The first E-DT will adopt an Intel Celeron processor, while later generations will adopt Intel's Shelton'08 platform with Diamondville processors and the 945GC chipset. The company has set the price of the PC at between US$200-300 and will try to push it down to US$199.

The E-Monitor will be an all-in-one device similar to Apple's iMac and Dell's XPS One. E-Monitor will cut into the 19-21-inch market and will come with a built-in TV tuner. Pricing is set at US$499, compared to the iMac's price of US$1,199-2,299 and the XPS One's price of US$1,499-2,399. E-Monitor will also be based on Intel's Shelton'08 platform and will be launched in September this year.

Finally, the E-TV will compete in the over 42-inch LCD TV market, but will integrate the Linux-based PC functionality of other Eee PC products. Pricing is to be set to at no greater than US$200 more than TVs in the same class. E-TV is also scheduled to launch in September.

Hey, if that all works out, maybe Asus can make me a Ford Explorer that gets 50 miles to the gallon and sells for $2500.

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